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the spokesman about that and he said it is early. he did say controllers will be furloughed each day at every f.a.a. air traffic control facility which started yesterday. there were delays at lax last night because of sequestration. the cuts were ordered out of congress. although we could not find any delays at sfo this morning, we did find opinions. >> i wish they would cerate rt than across-the-board cuts. >> all budget cuts are difficult and all managers face that but you get the budget in balance and lower the government expenses it is worth it. painful but worth it. >> air traffic controllers are not happy about there and they will lose a day of work every other week and they hope that passengers will complain enough to get this changed. officials say necessity -- they have no choice they have to cut $600 million by the end of september from the budget so they will pull people from the air traffic control towers. expect delays through the end of september an the country l is a website you can check to see how it is looking at different airports across the country and we provided a link to that
the court to stop the furloughs, claiming they will cause major delays. the faa counters it had to begin the process to meet mandated spending cuts. >> just ahead at 6:00. the controversy over a t-shirt. what is on it that is stirring up a protest. >> a beautiful saturday, so what's ahead for tomorrow? meteorologist leigh glaser has it coming up next in the forecast. >> mike: what is a san francisco dog fish? i'm mike shumann. stick around for the answer. and steph curry was a brick layer today against denver. >>> a judge has ordered bpa be removed phloem state's list of reproductive toxins. last week it was put on a list of chemicals that cause cancer or birth defects but the chemical industry says it does not cause birth defects. a lawsuit was filed by the american chemistry counsel. -- council. bpa is used in plastics and metal food containers. >> may not be available until 2020 the dmv want yours input how to regulate driverless cars. google has been testing the cars for years. state regulators need to determine who we be at fault in a crash, the driver or the manufacturer? same ques
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2